Trying a new look

I’m trying to get more familiar with WordPress and play around with a new look for my Blog.

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Halloween Blues

This is the first year, I’ve spent a holiday away from home.  I know its only Halloween but there is still alot to miss – holiday lights (yes, we like to put up lights for all holidays including Halloween), pumpkin carving (pictures below), costumes, haunted lights & fog and then trick & treaters.  I am stuck here living/working in Utah this year while my family is still in Idaho.

My housing situation is an RV in an RV park so there have been no trick or treaters and now I have a full bag of candy, which is not a good situation for a diabetic.  No time to decorate, good thing since there is no one to see and enjoy it.  Pumpkin carving was out for myself because I got depressed everytime time I thought about doing it all alone.  The only productive thing I’ve done today is go grocery shopping.

My lifeline has been Facebook since my wife and kids have accounts and they keep posting pics and such which helps me feel like I’m almost there.  Facebook has been fun and I really enjoy wasting time on Farmville – I always can use more neighbors!!  I have a link on Facebook to this blog so hopefully this posting will show up there.  Just been killing time this evening by talking to my sweetie on the phone and watching so called scary movies on TV.  Well, they are classified as scary but they are mostly slasher films which are gross & bloody which I would not necessarily say they are “scary”.

Wow, I can’t believe its 11:05 PM so I think I will cut this short for now.  I hope to post more often and keep this  updated.

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Chicken or the egg…

Ok, Brian has been getting after me to post on my blog. I know this is something that should be done at least several times a week…you know, like a journal or something. I guess if I posted more often, I would have more visitors but then again why post if no one is visiting your blog??? Sort of the “chicken or the egg” thing wouldn’t you say? I’ve invited family & friends to view my blog and leave comments, but nothing yet. This can get so lonely.

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Just type…don’t think

Ever have writer’s block or rather blogger’s block? Everytime I sit down to post something a my blog, I usually start thinking “Ok, what am I going to talk about this time and what clever title can I give it?”. Then I sit here for several minutes to lots of several minutes trying to come up with something creative or cute or…well you get the idea.

So, how do all you other bloggers come up with some pretty good posts? Does this happen to any of you? I guess I am trying to hard to be creative. I remember something I was told once when trying to do a paper in college. I was told “the only way you’re going to get anything on paper is if you just start to write. Don’t worry about what you put down…just start writing and then everything will start to flow together.”

Maybe if I apply this rule to blogging, I’ll get alot more posts done on a regular basis. If any family, friends or that bored person reading mindless blogs (and you know who you are) have any good ideas or topics for me to write about….please pass them along. I can use all the help I can get.


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Hello world!

I’ve just started my new blog. I wanted to try hosting my blog on my own website and with Lunarpages it was easy. They have two different blog platforms and I chose Word Press.  Let me know what you think of the title of my blog.  I always have a tough time thinking of things like this.  Do you know what the title means?

Well….we’ll see how this goes.

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