Chicken or the egg…

Ok, Brian has been getting after me to post on my blog. I know this is something that should be done at least several times a week…you know, like a journal or something. I guess if I posted more often, I would have more visitors but then again why post if no one is visiting your blog??? Sort of the “chicken or the egg” thing wouldn’t you say? I’ve invited family & friends to view my blog and leave comments, but nothing yet. This can get so lonely.

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One Response to Chicken or the egg…

  1. Bryan says:

    You are exactly right. Without regular posting, you are not going to get repeat traffic. So as far as the chicken or the egg thing, content definitely has to come first. I actually blogged for a couple of months before I asked famliy and friends into join in on the insanity. I wanted to make sure that it was something I enjoyed and could do before having them take a look.

    However, you’ve inspired me. I’m going to write a quick guide to blogging for beginners and post it to my blog. I’m sure thousands have done this. However, I’m not going to look at their guides. I’m going to give my perspective and leave it at that. Not to mention I’m in a dry spell of my own right now as far as posting.

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